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  1. Yesterday
  2. Vlado

    Maybe is too late,dunno Higer’s admins will decide Show activity and rank will come for sure Welcome back mate
  3. Last week
  4. uG|dozd_tv

    Veteran like me, nice.
  5. uG|JaCk

    As you guys know, I was gone for quite some time, had alot to deal with, moved into a new home, new job etc, but im back for good this time, so id like to regain my admin rights to continue being helpful in the server as I always was.
  6. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    @uG|wolfman you sure that is our server cuz ours doesn't have an AGM LOL unless u changed the scripts and no b3. gg fake And ye, the new scripts i converter for old mod,have some of the features like and ending, vote for both game type and map,killstreac, a special welcome, no nob perks, script commands, new kill card improved kill cam and so on. But keep it default.
  7. uG|Killer Man

    So nice soon we will put plan to back at top again and really who keep spamming ,ddos or what ever try we don't Care
  8. uG|wolfman

    Yo guys many of you know XWASDMITCH and his youtube channel. He promoted our server in his latest video!
  9. big smokes

    Since 2009.
  10. Earlier
  11. uG|S!r.ReaDy


    Some people are working, others not interested in 2v2 without a prize, that's the main problem.
  12. Sile


    This is awful, you can consider this closed. You won't probably even read this
  13. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    Its does, this is what happens when some were indifferent when we bought did with DDoS protection....Here we go again
  14. Vlado

    server lagg like hell,guys left server.all have ping 999
  15. Sile


    From the looks of it i can see only Vlado seems to be interested in this match and the rest of uG doesn't really care. You have 10 members daily visiting this website and half of them playing on the server. I'm ready to cancel this if you don't want to play it. If you do somehow we are able to play today 10pm - midnight or find 1 more player and put date here if you can't today
  16. uG|dozd_tv

    Nothing suspicious to me to be honest could be a fast clicker as well, I'm often called out for scroll/scripting/macro etc. How long have you played @big smokes If you don't mind me asking.
  17. big smokes

    Not been on since this report, but just for future reference,. I'm fast clicker
  18. Vlado


    Saturday or Sunday night hours for me
  19. Sile


    Whoever is up for the match in general put your free dates so we can set 1 date for everyone if you aren't able to play today.
  20. Sile


    We are able to play today 11 pm - 2 am
  21. Vlado

    Thanks for report
  22. porshB

    this guy is using wh+aim assist i think record file attached meta.dm_1
  23. uG|Killer Man

    Good job
  24. uG|dozd_tv


    Unfortunately I cannot play this weekend since I'll be working for 12 hours straight. But good luck to whom ever takes this challenge.
  25. uG|dozd_tv

    Here you can find all server related Information. uG|TDM HIGH XP CRACKED (Gametracker) Player Capacity: 43 Server IP: Map Rotation: crash, backlot, bloc, broadcast, bog, crossfire, convoy(Ambush), killhouse, pipeline, showdown, crash snow, strike, vacant, cargoship(Wet Work), citystreets, overgrown, carentan(Chinatown). Server Rules: No profanity. No childish behavior. No racism or discrimination of any kind. No sexism of any kind. No offensive language. No overriding of the censoring mechanism (It is there for a reason!). No exploiting of bugs (this includes but is not limited to glitching, scroll shooting etc). Map glitching however should be tolerated as long as it is not interrupting the game or too disturbing. Enforcing of own rules will lead to a kick / loss of power. Religious discussions / references are forbidden. Do not fake/impersonate clan-members or server moderators. Respect other players and admins. This post will be updated If any changes are made or If more servers are added.
  26. Sile


    Pick 2 of your players from here after everyone puts their free date to play. Since today didn't work the closest date is friday same time i mentioned above. This is when we are able to play again
  27. Vlado


    Sry @Sile,guys is busy we can make it this weekend? you alwayes can come on us tdm server,feel free to join cheers
  28. Vlado


    pls who want play,come discord
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