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    Yippie ki-yay ladies! Took me a while but i'm here now!
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    Decided to edit a bit for fun, haven't edited in a long time
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    Shouldn't unban that guy. demo0018.dm_1
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    HI guys for who didn't watch the matches here are the demos of first match and i will post ever match demos here later Jackw VS Lord Flacko jackw won the match first match1.dm_1 first match 2.dm_1
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    no its not, dont lie, its the most well known fact, us people who use snipers all use cheats! #BANALLSNIPERS
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    Do you think I need to make introduction noob?hahaha
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    *lol nice hack *coff coff*
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    Yes but don't help any player about the other player place 😂
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    Please, don't allow dead silence. It's terrible.
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    Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! I'm Ben A.K.A dozd_tv! This is gonna be my short Introduction. My real name is Benjamin but everyone calls me Ben, I'm currently 20 years old. I'm a Chef and Shift manager at a restaurant and have been for two almost three years now. I've played Call Of Duty 4 for around 9 years now, I've been in multiple communities like C4S, eG, RIP and IceOps Promod team, etc. And I've also owned couple communities/clans. Some of my current hobbies are Gaming, Parkour, Hiking, Airsoft, there are more but to many to mention. If you have any further questions feel free to PM me. Sincerely, Ben.
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    Just one player and lets start the cup we will also record demo for the two players and put them in ug YouTube
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    There is a Screenshot taken from the server showing that you're using skins/chams. And it has been noted that you were warned / notified that it's not allowed (obviously).
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    Hello, Today i will show some people the map callout on cod4, for those who do not know Crash, Stike, backlot, cross, district,vacant Happy gaming
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    Don't forget Micha, I think he donate once huge amount just before server closure, so he helped us to stay alive. Also Micha donate almost every month, without him it would be much harder. I can't donate much, but I am trying to donate every month if possible. Sometimes my wife wipe our account before I can donate.. LOL
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    This is my profile song atm and also liked it much tho.
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    was on killhouse so, not as impressive
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    Damn, I knew I'd miss one Thanks Beast
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    Hey guys, long time no see, Who am i? I used to go by the name OSA and applied to join uG and i got accepted, however i stopped playing due to health issues and alot of bad stuff happened in the short time and when i got hospitalized i only had my crappy laptop that couldn't run cod4 and i only looked at the forum once or twice a day, i should have posted something about being inactive but i didn't care to do so, thats the reason you didn't see me on the server. Also i like to adress the name change and some other stuff: I changed my name to one of my old nicknames because OSA was something important to me in the past and i like to remember it but i don't want to embrace it anymore, also i am edgy af so it shall be demigod. Last thing: I leave uG as a member but i keep playing on the server, i don't know how i should write the reason why i leave but you could say that i don't want the uG tag infront of my name anymore, the server was always great to play on even though it can improve, but everything can improve in all sorts of things. Thats all, see you online boys
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    ANNOUNCEMENT We have to tell you with great satisfaction that we migrated United General. We are happy to announce new creation of new servers that will include a Promod, Deathrun and a Surf server! Please keep donating to keep uG running and providing the ultimate gaming experience. On a side note, we will keep out TeamSpeak server and music bots open so that you can still interact with our community. VIP's Current Standing and Promotions! We have 3 Servers running with VIP stuff. PromodX, DeaThRun and The new MoD SURF . Each server has 3 VIP levels. Promod server has 3 VIP levels, each has 2 weapon skins, each level its own. VIP's on the server has a special welcome message and special advantages! VIP's in deathrun have the ability to choose other characters, and perks and weapons even higher than their current level, in a total of 100 levels and new abilities. VIP's in surf have the ability to get weapons and trails Vip1 : Camo 1 & 2 Vip2 : Camo 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 Vip3 : Camo 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 Vip3 also will get VIP in our DeathRun Server and SURF. -starting 10$/month Vip1 : 1 month -2$ , 2 months -4$ ,3 months -6$ Vip2 : 5 month -2$ , 2 months -7$ ,3 months -9$ Vip3 : 1 month -8$ , 2 months -10$ ,3 months -12$ Loyal members will get promotions! Have fun! Get promoted! Great regards, United Generals Team
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    So 11 EET, 10pm in italy, 9pm in the UK for jack? I can never figure out these timezones lmao It's okay anyways
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    I never understood why would anyone need WH if he already had aimbot? 🤔
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    feel free to add me, im normally online http://steamcommunity.com/id/JUSTJACKPC/
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    This is my attempt at recording with new software. I didn't even know all the words to the song so you can stop after the lead break . I made the track on Logic Pro X which is an improved version of Garageband on a macbook. I just used this as a test so didn't bother with drums and bass etc. It's just me playing acoustic guitar, singing, synth and lead guitar. Hopefully my recordings will improve soon.