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    Dear players United Generals switched on the new host, so we got stable servers with new IP Keep enjoy playing on new/old servers : 1. uG|TDM HIGH XP CRACKED 2. uG|Double XP RotU Revolution Zombies 0.7 3. United Generals Medal of Honor Allied Assault 4. uG| CSGO MM Server 5. uG| Arma 3 6. uG| Rust 7. Battlefield 2 8. uG|COD 2 server uG| discord chanel : https://discordapp.com/invite/wSqQKnb - suggestion for the new game/mod you can share it on web - donate/play, push uG| on top_and we will reward you After up new games on uG|, a thread will be edited. uG| team
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    Hi guys here is our new TDM server ip and soon more new servers
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    Hello, we've added a discord bot that will post the new Topics in our discord server
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    You have much luck to player name Mettalica, i saw few times when you arrived, he become offline, dont know why but it make me laugh (The Unforgiven is name of song performed by Mettalica band)
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    New form submission from Member Apply Nickname : : HanyS Real name:: Bartek Age :: 26 Gaming experience:: Started adventure with computer since Warcraft, my first game in 2002 i think, fan of Warcraft universe, rpg and fps games. What is your favorite server:: ug Zombies of course! How ever i like normal tdm too Country:: Why do you want to join us:: Some uG players suggested it to me, first i thought im too weak player, but if i have a good day to playing im doing it quite nice. Im often on server, and standing on guard our community. How would we benefit from you as a clan member: : I know many jokes! Dont know what new i can bring to clan, but i will try to do my best Approximate activity time on servers:: About few hours per day
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    Hi all as we are trying to make our clan better I need new modders so who has skills in making mods and programs pm me and will test him and make him our clan modder Thanks you
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    rotu server fixed now
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    Just hoping its will be mixed hc servers with mods like : dom,sd,war,hq... Put favorite maps too bring players and cold beer,cigar’s and party can start something like this : set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map mp_strike gametype war map mp_crash gametype dom map mp_crossfire gametype hq map mp_carentan gametype sab map mp_backlot gametype sd map mp_crossfire gametype dom map mp_convoy gametype war map mp_strike gametype hq map mp_citystreets gametype sab map mp_pipeline gametype sd map mp_citystreets gametype dom map mp_strike gametype war map mp_wetwork gametype hq map mp_crash gametype sab map mp_vacant but if was clear hc,also finger up for that
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    What kind of HC mix you mean :) ?
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    start to love sc ^^
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    I banned you Mate, you had a few suspicious kills, so i tried get ss you, i do it twice, twice times you had dissconnected after this, so i was sure you using some anti ss programs. I had wrote on chat about that to everyone could know about you, and when you get back, third time, i was banned you. And nope, i dont feel guilty.
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    Hi simone Welcome to our site
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    The reason bro is cod4x not support mac or I think there is way to join the cod4x18 servers
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    It's this guy, I'm not sure if he's legit myself but knowing the sniping community its mostly skins/nosmoke.
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    Yeah he is online now i wish he would be banned :/
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    Hi TuD|ASALA, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 EUR. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks United Generals
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    ok im interested ....give more details about that tournament
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    Hi welcome to our site I don't mind arrange a match .we can arrange it between 2/1 and 8/1
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    hi all Congratulations for Akuma as we upgraded him now to clan leader rank and power Good luck
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    Hit some more clips and edited them together xd
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    hi, you might see me in game with the name currently colt jaden. Anything related to jaden it will probably be me. I've been a cod4 player since late 2012 I still hit clips in 2018 and am happy to do so. Don't know what to put here besides hi so if you have something you want to ask feel free!
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    Hello boys and girls! It's me, Lexi Belle/Chris! I just wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Chris but on the uG server I am called Lexi Belle. I am 19 years of age. I have played CoD4 for over 6 years now and have been admin on several servers such as: XcG, T.T.O etc. I was admin on the XcG server for over 3 years straight, fought in several clan wars and banned lots of cheaters in my time. One of my strenghts is being strict but also fun. I have several hobbies such as: gaming, hiking, reading and many more! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! signed Lexi Belle