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  1. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    Thank u man. You're the one keeping the server alive along with other who support us. <3
  2. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    @uG|wolfman you sure that is our server cuz ours doesn't have an AGM LOL unless u changed the scripts and no b3. gg fake And ye, the new scripts i converter for old mod,have some of the features like and ending, vote for both game type and map,killstreac, a special welcome, no nob perks, script commands, new kill card improved kill cam and so on. But keep it default.
  3. uG|S!r.ReaDy


    Some people are working, others not interested in 2v2 without a prize, that's the main problem.
  4. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    Its does, this is what happens when some were indifferent when we bought did with DDoS protection....Here we go again
  5. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    You should be able to connect now
  6. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    I changed the binary now, made it an original server with the ability to support cracked keys to show in the master list, Try to connect and tell me if any success now.
  7. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    I am able to connect to our c od2 server. It might be a profile error where it deletes the keycode
  8. uG|S!r.ReaDy

  9. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    Just finished 2 more servers : Bf2 : CoD2 :
  10. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    What kind of HC mix you mean :) ?
  11. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    Hello, we've added a discord bot that will post the new Topics in our discord server
  12. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    There is no way of the SAME IP address. There will always be a different number. "Inside your internet service provider "service area" That post you attached is regarding same house /dorm/university etc. Before connection make sure you do " ipconfig /renew " so no other questions will be in future + i'm sure u have dynamic one and the DHCP is correct
  13. uG|S!r.ReaDy

  14. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    Holy molly
  15. uG|S!r.ReaDy

    If you have suggestions for servers feel free to post them here