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  1. The B34St

    sun ye songs badi jaldi teri tarakki hojay gi davedas ki kursi teri hy xD :-p
  2. The B34St

    well there is crossfire after bog and before ambush
  3. The B34St

    you can join now
  4. The B34St

    hmmm idk are you human mate i will unban you sorry for that
  5. The B34St

    wait i haven't seen it yet
  6. The B34St

    i banned you but that was not finger shooting with G3 you were doing buddy one other(jackyitch) said that too
  7. The B34St

    see you <3
  8. The B34St

    ok as you wish bro stay healthy <3
  9. The B34St

    everything ok with uG bro ?? Is there any prob you should discuss with us..maybe we could help