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  1. uG|jaden

    It's this guy, I'm not sure if he's legit myself but knowing the sniping community its mostly skins/nosmoke.
  2. uG|jaden

    If you wonder what window specifically killerman is speaking of, it's the "do you want to launch this game in safe mode?" Just say no to that, as it resets things to supposedly keep you safe. I'm sure it worked if you're pc was doodoo and can barely run cod4 but it's doing nothing for us now as we can almost all run the game 125 fps or more.
  3. uG|jaden

    I'm not able to create a thread/topic in that area of the site.
  4. uG|jaden

    Looks like visual assistance and a real subtle aim assistance.
  5. uG|jaden


  6. uG|jaden

    blatant enough, id hope. probably wallhack. definitely aim assistance. vizii cheater proof.dm_1
  7. uG|jaden

    Hit some more clips and edited them together xd
  8. uG|jaden


    nice lmao welcome
  9. uG|jaden

    another one bites the dust (hit this on VZLA TDM)
  10. uG|jaden

    the last bit where it does the black fading in and out is a render fail
  11. uG|jaden

    yeah i forgot to record it windowed.
  12. uG|jaden

    you're right OMG #BANALLSNIPERS
  13. uG|jaden

    uwu i wub u 2!!! just so you know me cheating is sarcasm
  14. uG|jaden

    haha hey! I'll be the servers biggest hacker