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  1. demigod

    I use Vegas Pro 15 and Adobe After Effects
  2. Decided to edit a bit for fun, haven't edited in a long time
  3. demigod

    Will try my best, see you ingame
  4. demigod

    with uG itself is nothing wrong, i just dont want to stay in a clan, there is nothing wrong with uG or its members
  5. demigod

    Hey guys, long time no see, Who am i? I used to go by the name OSA and applied to join uG and i got accepted, however i stopped playing due to health issues and alot of bad stuff happened in the short time and when i got hospitalized i only had my crappy laptop that couldn't run cod4 and i only looked at the forum once or twice a day, i should have posted something about being inactive but i didn't care to do so, thats the reason you didn't see me on the server. Also i like to adress the name change and some other stuff: I changed my name to one of my old nicknames because OSA was something important to me in the past and i like to remember it but i don't want to embrace it anymore, also i am edgy af so it shall be demigod. Last thing: I leave uG as a member but i keep playing on the server, i don't know how i should write the reason why i leave but you could say that i don't want the uG tag infront of my name anymore, the server was always great to play on even though it can improve, but everything can improve in all sorts of things. Thats all, see you online boys