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    New form submission from Admin Apply Nickname : : Penance Age :: 19 Gaming experience:: Been playing cod4 for 11 years I am a big fan of the cod games also enjoy playing Strategy games and fall out 76 What is your favorite server:: I don't really have a favorite server I play on populated servers for fun, but I do enjoy speaking with the people on ug and I love the layout of the mod that is used Why do you want to be an admin:: I would like to become admin so I can help win the fight against the dirty hackers. For some reason people still think it's fun to cheat on cod4. How would we benefit from you as a server admin: : I am active every single day from 7-11 pm week days 11am-11pm weekends Central Time. Plus if it is needed I would be willing to donate every month to help keep server up.
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    Don't use game tracker. Yes I have not played with the name Penance I change my name every once in a while, but I am going to be sticking with Penance
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