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  1. uG|Hanyss

    So i will play alone with them
  2. uG|Hanyss

    TuD wants to play with us, they said today 20, 5vs5 but im sure we wont get ppl for that, so we will choose another day, im not well player, so i dont have to play, if we will have enough players. Next weekend, Saturday or Sunday at 20 (european time) lets start list. 1.Hanyss
  3. uG|Hanyss

    Yes, i was. I dont want to say it again, it could be just very suspicious accident, that twice you dissconnected after twice command to get ss of you gameplay, its not impossible, but im only a man, so i done what any admin in that case would do. Probably you could have right, its not often to see guy who get back after dissconnected by antiban software. And you get back twice. In that case i could give you another chance, but beware, you would be checked twice more carrefuly now. Good luck, for me you can be unbanned.
  4. uG|Hanyss

    As i said, i twice tried to make a screenshoot of you, and twice you get dissconnected, its easy to me, it was antiss software. My decision isnt changed. Maybe other will give you chance. Good luck.
  5. uG|Hanyss

    I banned you Mate, you had a few suspicious kills, so i tried get ss you, i do it twice, twice times you had dissconnected after this, so i was sure you using some anti ss programs. I had wrote on chat about that to everyone could know about you, and when you get back, third time, i was banned you. And nope, i dont feel guilty.
  6. uG|Hanyss


    I see now
  7. uG|Hanyss


    You have much luck to player name Mettalica, i saw few times when you arrived, he become offline, dont know why but it make me laugh (The Unforgiven is name of song performed by Mettalica band)
  8. uG|Hanyss

    New form submission from Member Apply Nickname : : HanyS Real name:: Bartek Age :: 26 Gaming experience:: Started adventure with computer since Warcraft, my first game in 2002 i think, fan of Warcraft universe, rpg and fps games. What is your favorite server:: ug Zombies of course! How ever i like normal tdm too Country:: Why do you want to join us:: Some uG players suggested it to me, first i thought im too weak player, but if i have a good day to playing im doing it quite nice. Im often on server, and standing on guard our community. How would we benefit from you as a clan member: : I know many jokes! Dont know what new i can bring to clan, but i will try to do my best Approximate activity time on servers:: About few hours per day
  9. uG|Hanyss


  10. uG|Hanyss

    He know when he can use it, becouse few person reported to me about his gameplay and always when i was arrived he just changed his playstyle. However, im pretty sure that amount of players (and players who are known to whole our community) cant be mistaken. Waiting for green light to do what we have to.
  11. uG|Hanyss

    No problem, as long as server will stay the same i try to donate once a month