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  1. uG|JaCk

  2. uG|JaCk

    As you guys know, I was gone for quite some time, had alot to deal with, moved into a new home, new job etc, but im back for good this time, so id like to regain my admin rights to continue being helpful in the server as I always was.
  3. uG|JaCk

    Thankyou Birdman for the donation towards the goal
  4. uG|JaCk

    just say when and where and il be there
  5. uG|JaCk

    shit, shouldve changed the background :thinking: haha
  6. uG|JaCk

    need to beat my record, gotta hit 200man
  7. uG|JaCk

    1 uG| Mr J 46.02k 2 WALKINGDEAD 26.22k 3 noobtubemachine 25.44k 4 mark 24.96k 5 Cristofer 22.50k 6 niGi 21.24k 7 Homer Simpsons SORRY GUYYSSS
  8. uG|JaCk

    Was a mis-understanding, wasnt aware that it was resolved on the Discord server.
  9. uG|JaCk

    he just connected to t he server, so i permbanned him for you
  10. uG|JaCk

    sign me up
  11. uG|JaCk

    no its not, dont lie, its the most well known fact, us people who use snipers all use cheats! #BANALLSNIPERS
  12. uG|JaCk

    Hey, im uG| Mr J, or JaCk, which ever you prefer, ive been a CoD player since the first games on PS2 (im old i know). Throughout my years ive ran and been a part of some of the biggest teams in CoD's Pub scene and now im here in uG, being accused of cheats daily! (i fell from grace clearly). this is a couple of the videos id made in the past, anything you wanna know feel free to ask - Mr J (4Delta1 Montage from way back in the day) (The Team i used to be a manager for, we were the biggest at one point and it's was the best!)
  13. uG|JaCk

    jack vs Jack, should be an interesting game since he's a sniper too good luck homie @jackw
  14. uG|JaCk

    i am a member