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  1. uG|wolfman

    Yo guys many of you know XWASDMITCH and his youtube channel. He promoted our server in his latest video!
  2. uG|wolfman


    If dozd and Lexi play together share information I wanna spec that huge match 😛
  3. uG|wolfman

    My opinion is that we have to give him some time. Just to know him better. Don’t get me wrong I think u are a good guy and friendly but ur scores are almost always too negative. U are new to our server and to the game cause u told me u switched from console? Anyways my point is that u need time to “feel” the game. Have fun and good luck!
  4. uG|wolfman

    i am an i phone fun i have the i phone X since its release and i dont wanna change it ever. I have to admit though that the new samsung models are great too.
  5. uG|wolfman

    Happy Easter too Vlado!
  6. uG|wolfman

    Well yeah ambush is a map full of glitch roofs which are very easy to get to... thats why i hate it . Dunno everyone uses them we cant kick 10 players.
  7. uG|wolfman

    he was banned instantly by me mate
  8. uG|wolfman

    which were ur previous nicknames?
  9. uG|wolfman

    do u have a demo? lets see what the admin who banned you have to say.
  10. uG|wolfman

    yep obvious wh
  11. uG|wolfman

    well i have spectated porshB many times and never noticed sth weird at his gameplay. Just a good player that uses uav and sprays at possible enemy positions. I am really curious to see those suspicious demos STORM.
  12. uG|wolfman

    look like skins. too many skin uers these days almost every sniper... or its the same people i ban and change name all the time
  13. uG|wolfman

  14. uG|wolfman

  15. uG|wolfman

    totally agree with vaaaz whats ur nick at game?