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  1. porshB

    Hey guys Am uploading a record for this guy frogman I this he has aim assist + wh plz check the record caz am not sure if he is or not. thanks frogman.dm_1
  2. porshB

    this guy is using wh+aim assist i think record file attached meta.dm_1
  3. porshB

    any one can reply to me lol
  4. porshB

    hello.... guys i was banned for wh + aim helper 😑 srsly I have never been use hack I am a normal player but i don't know if am that good to call me a hacker i was an admin before in sheepa servers. my request is i need the record of my ban so every one can see it and judge me. please I want to get back soon to the server caz i liked it and many of my friends playing in here. my nik name is: porshB