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  1. Burnikkk

    Clearly wallhack, aiming through the walls. peterwh.dm_1
  2. Burnikkk

    As you see he was using no recoil, probably wallhack too dtwarriornorecoil.dm_1
  3. Burnikkk

  4. Burnikkk


    Looool I'm using also Metallica name, it's me I like to change sometimes, but my main is The Unforgiven... Well, as you see I love Metallica band hahahah
  5. Burnikkk


    Hi everybody, I'm Simone, or known on TDM High XP server as "The Unforgiven" . I thought it was nice to introduce myself here. I just start to play again Cod4 at the end of January after some years, and I find your TDM server very funny. I used to play Deathrun and promod ages ago, also I'm a former admin in AR51. OK, please delete killhouse map from rotation now... Lol joke Well, see ya in game.