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  1. Vlado

    well done
  2. Vlado

    nice,well done
  3. Vlado

    65 ks
  4. Vlado

    Thanks for help @qbdown Hope will will keep enjoy on cod4 without any problems Cheers
  5. Vlado

    roger work now
  6. Vlado

    medic no death
  7. Vlado

    @uG|STORM roks ^^ nice bro
  8. Vlado

    @uG|Joker flying :9 and new map done
  9. Vlado

    Unban him guys if he cheat,we will soon catch him
  10. Vlado

    Know that mate that,anyway thanks for effort Admins will check guid,ip,name,demo...and decide.I am just here like ghost,share what think and read in past on unban request’s hope you will got happy end
  11. Vlado

    He say that cheater who is banned for aimbot and you,have same ip and same name Dont say its your brother who try use cheat and you dont know? (love story about brothers )
  12. Vlado

    new day,same map
  13. Vlado

    If need one sub,can jump up Not promod player,but play some wars prefer night hours
  14. Vlado

    No problems,cheers
  15. Vlado

  16. Vlado

    Where we can find maps on rotu server?its posible put trap and killhouse on him? dont saw that maps thanks
  17. Vlado

    Hello cod4 funs I am Vlado from Croatia,and coming to pick up more fun with this amazing cod4 game which play almost 10 years Before x-fire die,have about 6000 hours on cod4,so you know how much love cod 4 Also I am in clan =[JFF]= justforfun(maybe some guys know),but us leaders decide to close clan after 01.04.They are tired and want more enjoy in real life...so sad,but life go on... Have 36 years,wife and kids who play fortnite .So we are gaming familly You have nice rotu server,love zombies ^^ Als otdm is good,but prefer mixed servers.like dom/war/sd/hq on server.what you think about it? Thanks for answer,cya in game Vlado
  18. Vlado

    nice too see that Founders play mostlly they are afk or busy.keep it up good work