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  1. Vlado

    Hello soldiers What music you prefer?Who is your favorite vocalist or band? Share your favorite song ^^ Will start first,here we go : Enjoy in music ^^
  2. Vlado

    Lets make forum alive,and share some funny stuff will go first
  3. Dear players As you can see,we got new ip for us tdm server So all players who still enjoy in this beautifull game,please join us /connect Enjoy uG|team
  4. Vlado

    Thanks mate alot
  5. Vlado

    Maybe is too late,dunno Higer’s admins will decide Show activity and rank will come for sure Welcome back mate
  6. its looks like server is dead resatrt or something maybe help?
  7. Vlado

    server lagg like hell,guys left server.all have ping 999
  8. Vlado


    Saturday or Sunday night hours for me
  9. Vlado

    Thanks for report
  10. Vlado


    Sry @Sile,guys is busy we can make it this weekend? you alwayes can come on us tdm server,feel free to join cheers
  11. Vlado


    pls who want play,come discord
  12. Vlado


    Roger all who want to play,join pls @uG|LexiBelle you come?
  13. Vlado


    Where we can catch you @Sile ? Can you join on us Discord?
  14. Vlado


    Hello we will try to respond and make war real who is up for war uG| boys?
  15. Vlado

    Lets start with zombie ^^ First time play this map,and we finishr them
  16. Vlado

    Hello guys Lets talk a bit..alive forum,meet people with who you playing You are andriod lover,or iphone fanatic? or you are on windows phone? Got Iphone 7+ from my brother last year,and must admit start to love iphone toys.Now,dunnno how will be when will must back to android He have big display,alot of memory and camera is perfect : My last phone was Samsung J7 2017(now my wife use him),and he still rape with battery and functions (its in black color,by the way)
  17. Vlado

    Many players says that he cheat 🤪
  18. Vlado

    What is your in game name? Dunno if saw you on server... Thanks for trust about age,but that can be a problem But again if you show like active and mature player on server/forum_maybe admins will accept you Also you can share here more info about you : http://www.united-generals.com/index.php?/forum/6-introduction/ lets guys meet you better good luck
  19. Vlado

    much appreciated mate
  20. Vlado

    new ip new rage ^^
  21. Vlado

    Good choice