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  1. bayoyayo

  2. bayoyayo

    So let's make it straight. At first you banned me because some cheater had same ip. A week later you're saying the cheater played on my pc? (id is attached to harddrive i believe). So basically it had to be me, when I played on your server. So I got Banned for Aimbot, any proves of that?? I literally have no idea what's the problem now. Same ip, or the aimbot. There are no demos or proves of anything and I just want to play on a good non-hc server. Did you caught me cheating or something? Since there are no demos or proves, how this ban even stands for so long
  3. bayoyayo

    Actually I forgot that i got banned for aimbot. So where is it in the video?
  4. bayoyayo

    It is possible especially with low tier isp provider. i decided to upload some of my gameplay - basically same stats i did on your srv when i got banned, so if you still think i cheat idk rly. just look at the radar sometimes (a tip that helps... xd)
  5. bayoyayo

    Guys.. please. Let me play, u banned innocent guy here ffs
  6. bayoyayo

    Still banned I play around midnight, there are not a lot of players, you could have an additional one
  7. bayoyayo

    still nowhere near the happy end guys
  8. bayoyayo

    I found some different server but I got high ping in there, so please let me play on yours TDM 😉
  9. bayoyayo

    Here, read this. And if you have my ip already just check where I live so you get an idea that internet service provider i got is quite small since no big city is around me. That;s why they don't bother providing different ipv4 for every customer. You wanted a story. Here you have it. How about some prove of cheating beside same ip = same cheater now?
  10. bayoyayo

    Do you know the story about multiple ppl having same ip? It could happen, but dont tell me he had the same nickname coz its bullshit
  11. bayoyayo

    I don't get an english on this one. What do you mean?
  12. bayoyayo

    Hello, I got banned for aimbot few days back, but I used to play Cod4 semipro, so I kind of understand why somebody thought i might cheat. So basically I just recently came back to Cod4 coz the game itself is unique and I really enjoy it, but your server is pretty much the only one I could find with good default tdm settings. So thats why im posting... Please show any prove of me cheating, or tell me how can I prove that i'm innocent. I really don't wanna play on hc servers 😂