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  1. iaintmythy

    i met you today man, i think it was in that really small map where people were calling you out for cheating?
  2. iaintmythy

    Ive changed my name and ive been more active on tdm high xp, and i think im mature enough, because i dont really mess around in important situations and if i were to joke around, i wouldnt make jokes like a 4 or 5 grader
  3. iaintmythy

    New form submission from Member Apply Nickname : : imaproXDDD Real name:: Jacob Age :: 15 Gaming experience:: ive been playing since i was 6, im a high rank in csgo, and mostly good in all shooters What is your favorite server:: uG tdm high xp server, since im on there often Country:: Why do you want to join us:: Because i think uG is a good community and good as a clan, and i think i'd be a good fit How would we benefit from you as a clan member: : I think that i'd help with making this already big community even bigger aswell as participating in events (such as clan vs clan 5v5 and have fun with other members) Approximate activity time on servers:: Since i just switched from ps3 cod4 to pc cod4 ive spent like 4-5 hours, however i will be spending way more time on cod4 and uG servers
  4. iaintmythy