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  1. Sile


    This is awful, you can consider this closed. You won't probably even read this
  2. Sile


    From the looks of it i can see only Vlado seems to be interested in this match and the rest of uG doesn't really care. You have 10 members daily visiting this website and half of them playing on the server. I'm ready to cancel this if you don't want to play it. If you do somehow we are able to play today 10pm - midnight or find 1 more player and put date here if you can't today
  3. Sile


    Whoever is up for the match in general put your free dates so we can set 1 date for everyone if you aren't able to play today.
  4. Sile


    We are able to play today 11 pm - 2 am
  5. Sile


    Pick 2 of your players from here after everyone puts their free date to play. Since today didn't work the closest date is friday same time i mentioned above. This is when we are able to play again
  6. Sile


    I'm on discord right now and will stay there for a while My name on it is 'Something'
  7. Sile


    Hello We would like to play a specific 2v2 with you in the coming days Gamemode: Normal - TDM Maps: Killhouse , Shipment No stuns , flashes , grenades and killstreaks. We hope you can find players to play this. Time of the match can be set after everyone puts their date to play. We are able to play tomorrow 5pm - 11pm gmt+1 We are able to host a server to play on.