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  1. uG|!Bk13

    Cheater and a noob... he deserve that knife at the start !! 🔪
  2. uG|!Bk13

    @Killer Man i leave my vote with you this time.. is rare for me to be online right know, and you already knew him so, i leave with you.. HugBro
  3. uG|!Bk13

    the other Ug was me .. thank you for respect the rules You just need to go to: and just START NEW TOPIC , on right corner and the others admins well check that up and say if is possible or not.. but for them to aprove they need to see you more times online playing !.. bcse we don't aprove no one that we never see online ! #TakeCare #Hug
  4. uG|!Bk13

    Thanks ps: i love your boobs !
  5. uG|!Bk13

    i full of work this month guyz.. barely see my pc on Big hug guyzz
  6. uG|!Bk13

    nice cheats noobs
  7. uG|!Bk13

    glitch's.. script's, bug.. double-click whatever you whanna call it.. from your words i assume thet you saying that quickscope is skill ? come on... ! ahahahah i'm not a cod4 pro but i don't considr it a skill bro
  8. uG|!Bk13

    can we call it a: glitched skill ? ahahahah :p
  9. uG|!Bk13

    @Killer Man if you can do it , thank you ! multiple cheats Wh and Aimbot are in sigth..
  10. uG|!Bk13

    next time i see him is a straight ban thank you !
  11. uG|!Bk13

    don't worry, i knife you later 🔪
  12. uG|!Bk13

    multiple cheats... but Auto aim and Wh is clear at first sight !
  13. uG|!Bk13

    default class costumes? a map with only knife ? No camping allowed or what campers call it, Strategic position ? LOl Clear game with no double taps, quick scopes, no bounces & bugs and shit's lol ?? all of that and: !! HEY I'M IN !! otherwise: NO !! 🔪🔪
  14. uG|!Bk13

    @Killer Man .. straigth ban please
  15. uG|!Bk13

    Ban them all ! 🔪