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  1. moox

    Hi guys, I need some help, I bought the wrong VBUCKS on fortnite for xbox one when I have a pc. omegalul. So i need some help , if anyone has a xbox one and can login for me on fortnite and buy some skins on my acount there with the already bought v bucks i would really appreciate:) greetz moox
  2. moox

    So can you guys unban me again? So maybe i can play normally on your server?
  3. moox this is the map u guys banned me again. u can see how many shots i miss when u use aim assist u dont mis those shots. can u not ban me cmon..
  4. moox

    Another ban from u guys again for aim assist cmon guys ...
  5. moox

    Any updates?
  6. moox

    Yeah i do hit sometimes some weird shots. But thats just trying out and shooting random places its not that i hit 10 smoke shots in a game right. If u just use commen sence its normal.
  7. moox here it is
  8. moox

    Also told the admin that he can have all the demos of the maps i played today but he didnt even replied on that. He banned me for 1 month or something like come on , because i have a couple noscopes or a good aim with sniper with acoq means someone is using aim assist right?
  9. moox

    My ingame name was : FUCKMEIRMOOX Maybe ur admin need to see the difference between a decent player and a cheater. Been playing this game since the start when it came out. Its really annoying when u want to play in your free time and then get banned for cheating when ur not fix this pls?
  10. Hello u guys banned me i think Samer did for aim assist. Im not using that u can have my demos he spect me one map and banned me cmon guys.