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    Will do!
  2. uG|mita

    I'll see y'all in the next cup! 🤩😃😃😃😃
  3. uG|mita

    Damn i used to know all of those back in 2010 when i played with Asics clan. Now I can only remember two places we called "Stevy" and "Paradox". Stevy was the JUMP on Strike and Paradox was the Sniper wall on Crossfire :D.
  4. uG|mita

    My bro <3 Yeah you are absolutely right. I just care for the clan you know, I don't want the clan to look bad. A lot of people are donating and putting their time and effort for the server to stay alive and people might lose interest if they start believing that admins are using hacks. I do love Italian pasta . Much love bro <3
  5. uG|mita

    Alright, it's been some time since I played but I am back and the accusations from certain people are flowing in. Thus, I only find it fair that a tribunal be held and the guilty be punished accordingly. In this case the person often called out for cheating is guessed it(or not coz you read the topic name) me! Alright, tranquila por favor my friends. I've been accused of "NO RICCOLI" and "WALHUCK". No, riccoli is not an Italian pasta, don't be fooled! Furthermore, I've been accused by a trusted member of this community publicly so every single player on the server could see it. Now, if I were a player that had no uG tag, that would've been totally fine. However, I do have the uG tag and everyone knows that I don't eat riccoli(god forbid!) nor do I use the "no recoil" hack. You(the accuser) are giving other players the bad impression that UG members are using hacks. Not very good for the server's reputation to be honest. You bad, bad boy! I do understand that some of the players sometimes get a little bit frustrated because of my play style etc. which concerns me as much it concerns a fat xbox playing american to go to a gym. Now that I am absolutely stricken and devastated by those comments, I have decided to turn myself in and be tried for my crimes. Will I be found guilty? Will I be freed? It is up to you good people of TDM, may the hammer of a thousand truths strike the anvil and let the verdict be known! (whoever doesn't take this seriously is a nub)