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  1. uG|jackw

    I don't usually play sniper! I'm strongest with AK I may play sniper to give you a chance though
  2. uG|jackw

    Well played lord, was very hard to beat you, I had to adjust my playstyle to win! Good game!
  3. uG|jackw

    Should be a good match then @LORD FLACKO:D Good luck!
  4. uG|jackw

    1 heli would be enough to completely change the game though!
  5. uG|jackw

    I think the killstreaks should atleast be disabled!
  6. uG|jackw

    Nice idea! I can play
  7. uG|jackw

    I agree with flacko on cancelling reload. It's something a lot of people have done since cod4 was released, and it would be hard to not do it. I try as much as possible not to do it because I know some of the admins don't like it, but it's impossible to not do at all because it's just something I, and i'm sure others do naturally.
  8. uG|jackw

    Not sure if you're saying I hack with your title, I have demos of all my games if you want to inspect them Gands.