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  1. uG|LexiBelle


    Im up!
  2. uG|LexiBelle

    Currently using the S8 from Samsung, but will change to my Honor 10 again because the battery is pretty bad but the overall usability of the S8 is so smooth.
  3. uG|LexiBelle

    I'll listen to anything thats in my playlist :D. I also listen to drum and bass a lot. Also some Hardtekk here and there sometimes Techno. Here's my favorite artist with my favorite song: Music connects people. Always remember that!
  4. uG|LexiBelle

    Thank you so much bro!
  5. uG|LexiBelle

    I would play!
  6. uG|LexiBelle

  7. uG|LexiBelle

  8. uG|LexiBelle

  9. uG|LexiBelle

    I would be so into that tbh. The only bad thing is I can only play on weekends, but I would play!
  10. uG|LexiBelle

    Im just happy to have a server that I can play on! I hope we will never go down! LONG LIFE UNITED GENERALS!
  11. uG|LexiBelle

    Sign me up! But I am gone until friday atleast.
  12. uG|LexiBelle

    There was no lag or anything, overall good server. I think we should keep it. We could do some fun stuff on there. Like custom gamemodes or maybe we will do a promod tournament in the future.
  13. uG|LexiBelle

    Thank you very much!
  14. uG|LexiBelle

    Could my match be at Friday? Anytime after 14 EET would be fine with me.
  15. uG|LexiBelle

    So, I think I will only be able to play on weekends with a guarantee that I don't have to randomly leave to go and get to work. But I can take a day or two off, if it is necessary!