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  1. uG|Noggin

    I now have a Mac computer and have bought COD 4 again on Steam. However, when I try to join the uG TDM server the programme crashes when downloading mod C4i. Anyone know if there's a way of fixing this? Noggin
  2. uG|Noggin

    OK thanks for letting me know,
  3. uG|Noggin

    This is my attempt at recording with new software. I didn't even know all the words to the song so you can stop after the lead break . I made the track on Logic Pro X which is an improved version of Garageband on a macbook. I just used this as a test so didn't bother with drums and bass etc. It's just me playing acoustic guitar, singing, synth and lead guitar. Hopefully my recordings will improve soon.
  4. uG|Noggin

    Damn, I knew I'd miss one Thanks Beast
  5. uG|Noggin

    Map Rotation below for info. Backlot Bloc Broadcast Bog Ambush Killhouse Pipeline Showdown Winter Crash Strike Vacant Wetwork District Overgrown Chinatown Crash
  6. uG|Noggin

    Nice vid! What programme do you use to edit?