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  1. ThunderShot

    Hi killer congrats on new servers, now next step is to create that server again and refresh memories in summer bro uG | Hardcore TDM #HighXP
  2. ThunderShot

    Nice Application, you get +2 from me if thats possible killerman haha
  3. ThunderShot

    Can we change time to 8 pm eet ?
  4. ThunderShot

    I Can play the Match but between this time from 5 PM EET - 9 PM EET on friday. and sunday Almost anytime.
  5. ThunderShot

    I would rather leave the game if noscopes are removed or not allowed lmao
  6. ThunderShot

    If we can do in this coming week before 6th august im in. No matter after day or two i can still play on selective time like on 7th aug
  7. ThunderShot

    Same HC server with all maps high xp we had before like 500 xp something or 300
  8. ThunderShot

    Hello and welcome to our website/server Enjoy and have fun , You can join us aswell if you want
  9. ThunderShot


    boys who wants to play war next weekend @ sunday on 8Pm eet lemme know, vip, donators, admins, members all can play
  10. ThunderShot

    killerman i can only play at the same time i played today i-e 6pm-8pm eet any time between this or in morning
  11. ThunderShot

    can we spec matches killerman ?
  12. ThunderShot

    I can only play till 6th august so adjust my matches accordingly please if you can and write the rules regarding weapons etc , is it sniper only or what
  13. ThunderShot

    Could play cup but have only like 20 days around then im going out for a visit to Singapore
  14. ThunderShot

    We can also use Anti-Cheat "Moss" if u want killerman.
  15. ThunderShot

    Wowww , thank you so much man !!!!