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  1. uG|dozd_tv

    Veteran like me, nice.
  2. uG|dozd_tv

    Nothing suspicious to me to be honest could be a fast clicker as well, I'm often called out for scroll/scripting/macro etc. How long have you played @big smokes If you don't mind me asking.
  3. uG|dozd_tv

    Here you can find all server related Information. uG|TDM HIGH XP CRACKED (Gametracker) Player Capacity: 43 Server IP: Map Rotation: crash, backlot, bloc, broadcast, bog, crossfire, convoy(Ambush), killhouse, pipeline, showdown, crash snow, strike, vacant, cargoship(Wet Work), citystreets, overgrown, carentan(Chinatown). Server Rules: No profanity. No childish behavior. No racism or discrimination of any kind. No sexism of any kind. No offensive language. No overriding of the censoring mechanism (It is there for a reason!). No exploiting of bugs (this includes but is not limited to glitching, scroll shooting etc). Map glitching however should be tolerated as long as it is not interrupting the game or too disturbing. Enforcing of own rules will lead to a kick / loss of power. Religious discussions / references are forbidden. Do not fake/impersonate clan-members or server moderators. Respect other players and admins. This post will be updated If any changes are made or If more servers are added.
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    Unfortunately I cannot play this weekend since I'll be working for 12 hours straight. But good luck to whom ever takes this challenge.
  5. uG|dozd_tv


    I would but I can't, working 12 hour shift tomorrow 😕
  6. uG|dozd_tv

    CSGO and dota 60 fps? What wooden pc is that.
  7. uG|dozd_tv

  8. uG|dozd_tv

    I got Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus, don't really know what will be my next phone maybe the new Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  9. uG|dozd_tv

    I agree, but keep in mind that this is a member application not admin application I do not think he can ban players with his permissions. Just growing the family/community but I think He needs a longer trial period to get to know others and the game like wolfman said and to get to know the community itself.
  10. uG|dozd_tv

    Age is a factor and 15 is young but people can surprise you, If you're mature enough and active you'll get my vote that is guaranteed! Look forward meeting you in-game. Good luck.
  11. uG|dozd_tv

    This one reached Top 100 Country / Top 100 RnB / Top 100 Hip-Hop world wide at the same time.
  12. uG|dozd_tv

    Yes but there can be hidden viruses or more likely RATs or Bots for a botnet. I'm speaking from experience, there could be something there that your anti-virus didn't detect and that you wont notice since most of them use just a fraction of the internet and computer power but still can be cause small problems or could be used for an attack in a botnet. Better be safe than sorry.
  13. uG|dozd_tv

    If you tried the first 3 maybe share a scan result from Virustotal from those that are from ThePirateBay so people might trust it more to make sure it's not infected?
  14. uG|dozd_tv

    Predator missile, artillery and more.
  15. uG|dozd_tv

    I should have some cod4 files, predator, nuke files etc. I'll search for it.
  16. uG|dozd_tv

    Yep, it's still happening.
  17. uG|dozd_tv

    I agree some of them could be banned, but there is a thin line on which spots people consider a glitch. Banning everything can also drive people away especially cod4 veterans like me that have played almost since the release of the game and have more knowledge from it.
  18. uG|dozd_tv

    There are multiple spots / places that you can go to but this one I wouldn't consider a glitch. Glitch is something not meant to be in the game that has been found or exploited there you can just run and jump and the game does the rest ( vaults / Climbs up) If it was a glitch you wouldn't be able to vault / Climb up there and it would of been an easy fix for the developers back in the day and It's useless anyway you can only stay in that area can't go any further so it ain't game braking nor a "glitch". And roofs of the map ain't game braking either, you can get killed easily wallbanged from every where or naded it's not like going out side of the map or the machine gun glitch on pipeline in my opinion I wouldn't consider these "glitches" a glitch. I've been playing this game since release from the first patch 1.0 to the latest 1.8 I get there are some people who are new or whatever and consider some places glitches which aren't or find them annoying it's understandable but banning all or most of them which aren't that lethal can drive experienced people away.
  19. uG|dozd_tv

    Currently listening to Billie Eilish's new album release.
  20. uG|dozd_tv

    Yes Indeed, it's a config for csgo. It's an inside joke between me and my close friends. Here you can take a look at the inside of it, it's quite useful. Also I'm curious, where did you get a screenshot of my desktop? That's a really old one, I haven't had all of those files on my desktop in days/weeks.
  21. uG|dozd_tv

    Here's my config, feel free to use it if you like. Let me know if you notice something odd, I'd like to see it.
  22. uG|dozd_tv

    Welcome! May our paths meet once again in the server, hopefully! 😄
  23. uG|dozd_tv

    That's killhouse just spawn killing ez