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Authority who can not distinguish between cheating and good player

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Merry-go-round "United-Generals" management,

10.04.2018 13:20 While playing regularly, "wolfman" watched me and wrote me that I played well, then I used an authorized cheat on "UG | Samer" but found myself acting unfairly in the form of "I'm not sure" I have begun to cheat me at pt pt 13 and I banned my person from the server by suggesting "Aim Assist" because I have not been able to play a game easily and I have been mistaken and unfairly authorized by the unauthorized authorities.

I have been actively playing Call of Duty 4 since the end of 2007. I did not know as much about the talent, the experience and the game as the Promod player in ESL, CG, when I started to play and what kind of a trick they put in. I do not know that they are obviously in the middle of a stain, I demand the removal of this victimhood.

I also played the same game in the "United Generals TeamDeathmatch server" constantly playing against dozens of admin and competent now I have this person "Samer" constantly killing himself in the previous map and if he can not take it to his pride and psychologically if there is an egosu and other good player If there is no such understanding in the world, this friend will make an effort to make up an illegal excuse, to stain me and to slander it, and it is done.

It is really regrettable for the officials who do not distinguish between the good player and the fraudulent player to take part in your server, but the example of the person in question is really very painful even if I do not make the following conscience and the responsible understanding of such a valuable and high level server very wrong.

I have been playing the same game on this server since they watched me today, you can look at my server statistics, how can you cheat me with the same nickname I have come up to the top steps in this list.

I suspect they were making these speeches and I started to record the play and soon they banned me from the server.

I have been playing on the server since September 14, 2017, until this time I played the same game with admins on countless servers. How logical is it that these people do not act like this?
Most of my life went to play this game and I had to make some sacrifices because of this game I have 10-11 in my private life I was on platforms like XFire-CG-ESL and it is still a bitter trick!





iw3mp 2018-04-10 15-25-48-158.png

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Sorry i am English not good

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 i don't know why you dont say nothing in chat before you get kicked out, and now you are here saying that. you could talk to us and say something for us not to ban you and to consider.

The thing is, for me, i never see you before playing, your score was very high and only a few deads, and it really seem that you have auto aim /aim assist .. i said that you have low ping and that helps the gameplay of course,  and you remember me of me playing for sometimes. BUT like i always say: In case of any doubts whe should tempban to disscuss with other admins about that, or to the banned player come to the site and do what you just do. :) you could have talk in the chat and avoid this :)

Anyway, is good to know 100% that thats was only skill.. servers needs players like that ! #Peace 

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As my English is not good, I don't have the opportunity to talk to the server administrators and tell my story. In Call of Duty 4, the images you look at on the Killcam and the images you look at on the player may not match, like Weapnext, the weapon switch at idle, but you don't see them, but the other side sees them. I played this game pretty much this time, it's unreasonable to play with this passion this year with the trick. With the "demo" I sent you, you'll understand that.

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