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I don't see anything particularly weird in that 2 minutes demo, it could easily be just UAV 😅

2 hours ago, Killer Man said:

Well all know that in 1.8 we can get all types of wh in the ss so we will keep checking all our members

It's rare but there's always screenshot-undetected hacks around, like that guy Sm4SH i posted about a few weeks ago for example, so it's never a 100% certainty

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1 hour ago, varevarelium said:

I saw, you are very skilled player but your few bans on C4S. your VAC ban on Steam, my spec 5-10 min... you often turn on cheat. If i am not right, i apologize.

Yeah, most admins on c4s haven't even play this game for that long. I've been banned multiple times by admins there as you can see in the video from my live stream, so I stopped bothering of talking to them or doing anything about it. It was pointless. VAC Ban is for using FOV Changer in MW3 so now I'm Banned from all VAC related games, and feel free to spectate me when ever you want, but 5-10 minutes isn't gonna be enough. I've played this game for over 9 years so I'm quite confident in my play style and knowledge in the game.

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