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Got banned for WH

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"SS was clean again.. but like the 1 time he was cheating

can't fol me

you kill trhu somke 3 guyz at 1 shoot...
don't play me !
*ban appeal on site please" the admin said but obviously I'm not
First of temporary banning reason is doubleclick I dont know the mean of it but I think rapidfire (a function of My mouse) he want to said. I apologize for that.
I hope to open my BAN this is incoherent argument.


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3 hours ago, Killer Man said:

You will be unbanned but next time come with demo if you want to get unban

tbh I think admins are the ones who need to come with proof aka a demo, when bans are issued without screenshots. In every court room in the world you're considered "innocent till proven guilty", it's the accuser who needs to bring proof

I'm just saying that because I've seen a lot of nonsense bans without proof during my time playing here, sometimes I even play with a fake nickname and some admins (of which I wont say the name) threatened to ban me for hacking, which means that clearly some of them don't really know what they're doing

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