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Banned for wh Feb 9th

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I've been busy all week and haven't had time to make an appeal. I was banned for wh on Feb 9th by anonymous I think.

I've attached the demos of the game where i was banned.

I'm not very good and mostly just try to camp. Sorry for the laggy connection as well I do not have very good internet.

Thanks for looking at my appeal.




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The only thing I had was skins which isn't a wallhack. I deserve a tempban for that.

You however banned me for a wallhack I do not have, you never asked me/warned me about skins you just banned me. My playtime on uG reflects that I'm a new player to your server. Others have been warned about skins and others have been given a second chance.

If you wanna say skins fine, but I know that SS doesn't show wallhack and my demos prove that.

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