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New form submission from Admin Apply

Nickname : : Vlado
Age :: 36
Gaming experience:: about 10 years and more
What is your favorite server:: uG|Double XP RotU Revolution Zombies 0.7 untill uG| make hc server :)
Why do you want to be an admin:: Want to help uG| to back on top.Love this game,enjoy playing.Mostly for relax after hard day on job and with familly.Prefer night hours to play,open beer and with cod4 forget all problems for next day :).Have experinece like admin in old clans,also have good eye for cheaters and think can help to sort some stuff on web
How would we benefit from you as a server admin: : Like say I am active player who still love play this old game.Can also help with donations and back uG| on old place.Any question,just shoot :)

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16 hours ago, uG|Killer Man said:


I like the people who work as hard as they can


9 hours ago, uG|Joker said:

+ 1


Thanks boys,tell me when I can put tag before name

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