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Here you can find all server related Information.


uG|TDM HIGH XP CRACKED (Gametracker)

  • Player Capacity: 43
  • Server IP:
  • Map Rotation: crash, backlot, bloc, broadcast, bog, crossfire, convoy(Ambush), killhouse, pipeline, showdown, crash snow, strike, vacant, cargoship(Wet Work), citystreets, overgrown, carentan(Chinatown).

Server Rules:

  • No profanity.
  • No childish behavior.
  • No racism or discrimination of any kind.
  • No sexism of any kind.
  • No offensive language.
  • No overriding of the censoring mechanism (It is there for a reason!).
  • No exploiting of bugs (this includes but is not limited to glitching, scroll shooting etc).
  • Map glitching however should be tolerated as long as it is not interrupting the game or too disturbing.
  • Enforcing of own rules will lead to a kick / loss of power.
  • Religious discussions / references are forbidden.
  • Do not fake/impersonate clan-members or server moderators.
  • Respect other players and admins.

This post will be updated If any changes are made or If more servers are added.


Edited by uG|dozd_tv

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