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We have to tell you with great satisfaction that we migrated United General. We are happy to announce new creation of new servers that will include a Promod, Deathrun and a Surf server!

Please keep donating to keep uG running and providing the ultimate gaming experience.

On a side note, we will keep out TeamSpeak server and music bots open so that you can still interact with our community.


VIP's Current Standing and Promotions!

We have 3 Servers running with VIP stuff. PromodX, DeaThRun and The new MoD SURF . Each server has 3 VIP levels.

Promod server has 3 VIP levels, each has 2 weapon skins, each level its own. VIP's on the server has a special welcome message and special advantages!

VIP's in deathrun have the ability to choose other characters, and perks and weapons even higher than their current level, in a total of 100 levels:) and new abilities.

VIP's in surf have the ability to get weapons and trails :) 


Vip1 : Camo 1 & 2

Vip2 : Camo 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Vip3 : Camo 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6

  • Vip3 also will get VIP in our DeathRun Server and SURF. -starting 10$/month

Vip1 : 1 month -2$ , 2 months -4$ ,3 months -6$

Vip2 : 5 month -2$ , 2 months -7$ ,3 months -9$

Vip3 : 1 month -8$ , 2 months -10$ ,3 months -12$


Loyal members will get promotions!

Have fun! Get promoted!

Great regards,
United Generals Team

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